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Don't Call it a Dream, Call it a Plan!

Many people around the world have many dreams of starting their businesses. However, as imperfect humans, we are stirred by different emotions that stop us from turning our dreams into reality. Fear is the number one emotion most people experience when it comes to trying to reach out to their goals or dreams in life successfully. In this blog, I will teach you in 5 steps, how can you turn your business dreams into reality.

Step 1 - Write Out Your Business Dream.

Daydreaming about a business is a start, but you shouldn’t stop there. If you are serious about your business idea, the best start to getting a head start is writing out your dreams in a notebook. If you can physically see your business dreams written out, you’ll feel motivated to turning that written out dream into a plan.

You probably think it’s easier said than done. I understand I have been there. When I was starting my bookkeeping business, it was a dream. I did take it to action at first. I went to college to study to become a bookkeeper, but after college, I feared I would fail because of multiple reasons. It did put my dream to a halt for a little while, but until I remember my business professor told us in class about business ideas. He said to us to remember these words.

“Don’t call a dream; call it a plan. Write out your dream on a piece of paper and really look at it. I guarantee that one day, if you look back at that piece of paper again and you will feel grateful that you pushed yourself to achieve that dream...”

After remembering those words, I took the time to write out my business dream. When I saw my business dream written down on a piece of paper, it gave me the motivation and strength to keep going ahead with my business idea.

Step 2 - Invest Time

After you are done writing out your dreams, the next step is to invest time. Learn about what you want to be able to make your business dream successful. For example, let’s say you are a photographer and want to start a photography business for weddings. Think about what would be your first step to investing. If you are new to photography, start researching and spend time to learn about the art of photography and weddings. Enhancing your knowledge about photography can help you to make your business idea successful and enjoyable to accomplish.

Step 3 - Planning

If you believe you have invested enough time to learn a skill set to achieve your dream, it’s time to plan. You are starting with a written business plan. If you don’t write up a business plan, you would feel like a hiker wandering in the dark without a path. I’ve have done that, it’s not a fun experience!

When you are writing a business plan, make sure you always ask questions or have a trustworthy friend to ask questions about your business to help you fill those” plot holes of the company.” Like about budgets, dates, business entity, business expenses, legal paperwork, sales tax, location, ETC.

Step 4 - Take Action

Hooray! You have just accomplished the first three steps of achieving the dream, now comes the next challenge, which is taking action. Starting a business from the ground up can be difficult at first, but it’s gratifying. The stronger the foundation of your business, the more stable it will become. Make sure to ALWAYS tie up loose ends of any problems about your business. No matter how small it is, take care of the problem before it could turn to more significant issues later.

Step 5 - Marketing Your Business

Marketing your products or services is another action to consider. Marketing can play a vital role in your business if you target the correct audience. Let’s say your business dream is to sell homemade beauty products with natural plants like herbs and flowers. You’ve invested the time to learn how to make it and created a home-based operation business, but how would you market them? Would you sell them from store to store? Sell them from your home? Social media? Free samples? The decision is entirely up to you!

Accomplishing your dream business takes much hard work, time, and motivation. You will experience bumps along the roadway of your dream. However, if you kept your written dream, whether it one your phone, notebook, or piece of paper, take the time and remember why you started in the first place. I guarantee you will feel more motivated to achieve your dream, and you will overcome your fears.

Are you writing out your business dreams now?

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